HOkay, This is a stinking

HOkay, This is a stinking funny book.

“Ash Wednesday came early this year. It is supposed to be about preparation, about consecration, about moving toward Easter, toward resurrection and renewal. It offers us a chance to break through the distractions that keep us from living the basic Easter message of love, of living in wonder rather than doubt. For some people, it is about fasting, to symbolize both solidarity with the hungry and the hunger for God. . . .So there are many ways to honor the day, but as far as I know, there is nothing in Scripture or tradition setting it aside as the day on which to attack one’s child and then to flagellate oneself while the child climbs a tree and shouts down that he can’t decided whether to hang himself or jump, even after it is pointed out nicely that he is only five feet from the ground.

But I guess every family celebrates in its own unique way.”

OK. Funny. Really bloody funny. I thought only I lived in surreal land like that.

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  1. oh my gosh!!! traveling mercies by ann lamott is my favorite book. i’m really tired so i should be going to bed, but decided that i hadn’t been to your site recently, so i should check it out. all i did was read your post today…i like to read the most recent posts and work my way back (it feels like time travel)…and i thought, “hmmm, that sounds familiar” and then i got it. i practically have the book memorized. how cool is that? i didn’t even know you were reading my favorite book. i thought you only read mysteries.

    you want to know something lame? i wrote ann lamott a letter after hearing her interviewed on a local npr station in ohio. ask me about it sometime.

    okay. goodnight

  2. Anne’s book “Bird by Bird” is also quite good. It is on writing and has her same raw honesty and humor. But maybe reading it would seem just alittle too much like work.

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