Are you ready to RUMBLE?

so, I gave Suzanne a gentle chastisment today for being the only other mommy near me blogging and not writing to her blog just before she told me she wrote yesterday and I haven’t seen it yet.


Anyway, so, I’m done with the Anne Lamott book. So lets chat. She is a little half-off but by no means half-assed. Really the correct reaction to the book (Traveling Mercies, by the way, if you’re just catching up) is “wow.” Here is a woman with a past and I mean a PAST and she talks about her encounter with Jesus. And it was an encounter not a coercion (is that spelled right) at Vacation Bible School, or in a dorm room with holy rollers and thier soul counter in hand, but a real life “I’m all alone and getting lonelier”, “If this got any worse I’d be dead” conversion experience.

And you know when she talks about her life before and her life after it doesn’t change much, right away. and you know what she doesn’t let go. She still battles with alchol and bullemia (can’t spell today) and she never once thinks she did the wrong thing, choosing Christ or that her conversion “didn’t take”(like a freakin’ perm or something) or any of the crazy things that I think.

And she never makes any moves toward hiding; herself or Him. Nuts, man. The woman is totally crazy and I love it. I need to mull a little more; there are things there that I haven’t internalized yet that may change my life.


so I was just blog hopping again and ran into this interesting essay on evangelism. It seemed to fit with anne Lamott’s half-offness. try it, you might like it.

Ok, there’s more. Check out the Diva in her own words.

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  1. it’s nice to know that grown-ups think things like me too. (and yes, i refer to you as a grown-up only since you are older, are married, and have a couple of kids, and a nice fat degree, etc etc etc)

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