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  • Nice horns

    If you cross your eyes a little until the photo blurs, the horns kind of look like arms or legs and the body looks like some kind of contortionist act. Or maybe that’s just me. And, yes, I have this habit of crossing my eyes when looking at images.

  • Fleeing monkey narrowly escapes three-year-old zoo-goer

    So we watched Shipping News a couple nights ago. I enjoyed it. In it, the protagonist occassionally mumbles headlines to himself. So, I made up a headline. Feel free to comment with your own.

  • Pics from Binder Park Zoo

    These photos were all taken a month or so ago at Binder Park Zoo near Battle Creek, Michigan. It is a very cool zoo!

  • Giraffe close-up

    Earlier this summer we went to the zoo down near Battle Creek. Here is one picture from the trip. I’ll get some more up soon.