Tag: web accessibility

  • “Click Here,” MS Outlook, Seriously?

    “Click here” is at best a hint for folks who are befuddled by text that is blue and underlined. It is needlessly redundant. When you are tempted to use it, revise your language, and we’ll all be better off. Microsoft has carelessly provided us this example.

  • Legal action on accessible web sites in USA

    Here’s the press release from the New York State Attorney General’s Office: SPITZER AGREEMENT TO MAKE WEB SITES ACCESSIBLE TO THE BLIND AND VISUALLY IMPAIRED. As far as I know, this is the first major legal case in the U.S. where .com web sites are made to provide accessible web sites. The sites are Ramada.com…

  • Props to Capital Area District Library on their web site

    Was just looking up something on the CADL site for my wife, and, as is my habit, I took a quick peek at the HTML code (View -> View Source in Safari). I was pleased to see first that it appears to be valid XHTML 1.0, and quickly noted some nice uses of accesskey attributes…