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  • Oh, and how about major merger?

    In case you hadn’t heard already, Macromedia is being bought by Adobe. This is a huge deal, especially for the web industry. (Read about it at CNET.com) Me, I’m not pleased to hear it. I sort of like having them compete for market share. Keeps prices down. Increases innovation. What I hear is that Adobe…

  • Indenting blocks of code in Dreamweaver

    It is nice when you discover something new and useful in a piece of software you’ve been using for years. For instance, this past week I discovered that in the Code View in Dreamweaver MX, you can highlight a big block of code and tab the whole thing to the right, uniformly, by pressing TAB.…

  • Frontpage vs Dreamweaver

    For you web builders out there, here is one web builder’s comparison of FrontPage and Dreamweaver.