Tag: interface design

  • A Sad Tale of Pagination

    I imagine some professional chefs are accused of over-analyzing a bowl of soup now and then. Like that, as a user experience designer, I get caught up in little pieces of user interface on a regular basis. This particular story concerns a navigation system that utilizes pagination in what at first seems an obvious choice, […]

  • Stay up-to-date through our…what?

    Okay, so…when I first glanced at this text, I did a triple-take because I thought it read, “The best way to stay updated with the Design Encyclopedia is through our ass… It’s actually “RSS,” not some kinky techie-mojo. Just thought I’d share. (It’s from The Design Encyclopedia, which is actually a cool project.)

  • What does it take to be an evangelist of good interface design?

    Reference: The Art of Evangelism, Guy Kawasaki Here are Kawasaki’s list of ten ways of looking at evangelism and my interpretation of them as someone who might be an evangelist within an organization for good interface design. 1. Create a cause. We need to do good interface design on our products, because it makes life […]

  • Features of robust dynamic menus

    There are many fine examples of dynamic menus, menus that display sub menus when you hover your mouse pointer or bring focus to them in other ways, such as tabbing through links with your keyboard. I was reading a recent article on AlistApart.com regarding hybrid CSS menus, and the discussion that followed the article showed […]