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  • How WordPress falters as a CMS: Multiple content fields

    WordPress is amazing and keeps getting better, but I want to be clear about an inherent limitation that WordPress has as a content management system (CMS). That limitation is that WordPress doesn’t handle multiple content regions on web pages. Too strong? With WordPress, you can try to use custom fields or innovative hacks like Bill […]

  • Seams between systems and the Vignelli NYC subway map

    I just read “Mr. Vignelli’s Map” by Michael Bierut over at Design Observer. In the post, Bierut remembers and analyzes why the public rejected Vignelli’s map of the New York City subway system. (Here’s the Vignelli subway map.) The Vignelli map smartly acknowledged that for passengers of the subway focused on navigating the subway system […]

  • A Sad Tale of Pagination

    I imagine some professional chefs are accused of over-analyzing a bowl of soup now and then. Like that, as a user experience designer, I get caught up in little pieces of user interface on a regular basis. This particular story concerns a navigation system that utilizes pagination in what at first seems an obvious choice, […]

  • Plug for Mr. Tufte

    “One visionary day….the insights of this class lead to new levels of understanding both for creators and viewers of visual displays.”WIRED “The Leonardo da Vinci of data.”THE NEW YORK TIMES Tufte has courses coming up in Dearborn, MI in mid-April. I attended one of his courses in Chicago about a year and a half ago. […]