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  • Conventional Pistol renamed to Precision Pistol

    While the term “bullseye pistol” will hold on as the most used, yet colloquial, form, the National Rifle Association has retired the term “Conventional Pistol” and replaced it with “Precision Pistol.” Good call, NRA.

  • Being competitive

    The key to being competitive is to compete. Last weekend I shot in the National Pistol Matches, specifically the President’s 100 and the National Trophy Individual match. Wow, was I ever not competitive! My final scores were very nearly middle of the pack, out of the approximately 475 competitors. While I would have liked to […]

  • Another pistol tournament, Flushing

    Today I shot an 824-19X out of 900 at the match at the Flushing Rifle & Pistol Club. I definitely shot better than my last match, a 785 shot at Grand Rapids. I’m still getting these crazy fliers that really sink the scores. Most of my fliers were high and right, although a few were […]

  • Getting back into competitive pistol shooting

    Finally, I competed in a real pistol match. Throughout the 1990s I competed regularly, but in about the last ten years I’ve competed in only one sanctioned bullseye pistol tournament. That was about three years ago. Sure, I’ve shot in some pistol leagues here and there, but it’s not quite the same. This one was […]

  • Pistol match, Oct 20, 2009: the good and the bad

    Last night after work I drove up to Bay City to Duncan’s Outdoors Shop to compete in a pistol league match. It’s the second one I’ve made it to, and shot some of my best…and worst scores. National Match Course 1 Total SF TF RF 95 91-2X 93-1X 279-3X National Match Course 2 Total SF […]

  • Pistol practice, Aug 15, 2009 and notes on iron sights for Ruger Mk II

    I went to the Saginaw Field & Stream pistol range this morning and fired a practice 900 bullseye course with my Ruker Mk II .22. A couple months ago I upgraded the iron sights on the gun. Up till this point I’ve shot with the original Ruger sights, except for a couple years in the […]

  • Pistol practice, Apr 25, 2009

    I hit the range again this morning for a practice 900 bullseye match. What a beautiful morning! I started just after 8 AM and was facing East, and the sunshine played a nice highlighting on my iron sights. Gun: .22 caliber Ruger Mk II Ammo: Winchester Super-X .22 long rifle standard velocity Slow fires were […]