Tim Horton’s WIFI page…fitting

I just connected to the wifi connection at a Tim Horton’s restaurant near Saginaw, MI.

I opened a Web browser, and was sent to google.ca…Google for Canadians. Vivé la Tim Hortons!

Small detail, but funny.

2 responses to “Tim Horton’s WIFI page…fitting”

  1. Incidentally, for those wondering if Tim Horton’s restaurants have wi-fi, my experience is that not all of them actually provide wireless Internet.

    It seems to be on a case-by-case basis. There is one in Shields, Michigan that does provide wireless, but the one in Owosso, Michigan currently does not.

    Also, I searched timhortons.com, and there was no trace of anything about whether they provide wireless Internet in their restaurants.

  2. Old post, but figured I would add that the tim hortons in Mt. Clemens usually provides free wifi, but it only if it’s working at the time.

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