Is it Spring yet? I got stuck on a muddy road.

The weather today was sunny, blue sky and mid-forties. The Winter is long, and on days like today, it is easy to think the season has changed. No dice.

I’m sick. Some sinus, upper-bronchial thing. I left work a little early; I was in no shape to start writing an XML schema. At home I decided the most therapeutic thing was for me was to go to a shooting range. Makes sense, right?

So, I transferred an extra gun into my box, scrounged up a single paper target (25 yd slow-fire target), found 5 rounds of .22 and 15 rounds of .45, and left. Yeah, not exactly geared-up for a good shooting session, but I think Spring-fever may have set in.

So I get to the club and the long dirt road to the pistol range is pretty mucky. So naturally I gunned the engine and took my chances.

Well, the mud won.

I finally gave up trying to drive out, and walked down to the pistol range from where I heard shots. An amiable guy in a pick-up truck with a tow strap gladly pulled me out.

Shooters rule.

I left the club without hitting the range. I can’t wait till the mud dries.

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