Surge in UX jobs?

Is it just me, or is there a surge in job openings in the information architecture and Web usability fields?

Over the last couple months, I’ve been contacted about or seen 8 or 9 job openings. Today, for instance, I received a message about a usability specialist position for a really well-known IT consulting firm. And, get this, the position is in Lansing, of all places. That’s highly unusual, as far as I’m concerned. And it is good news.

And, an information architect position in Ann Arbor was just brought to my attention. It is for Fry, Inc., which is a Web design consultancy that has been on my radar since 2001 or so. They’ve done some great work, and it is one of the few firms that have a presence in Michigan that I’d highly recommend. (This position, incidentally, looks like a lot of fun. It isn’t just IA work, but business strategy, consulting, and ongoing usability research. Oh, joy!)

There have been other similar positions that have been sent my way on the East coast, West coast, and some other Midwest city (in Ohio? Indiana? I forget.)

Anyway, a few years ago when I was more actively looking for a gig, there was diddly-squat in my field. I hope this surge is an indication of an increasing business value placed on the user experience field on the whole.

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