Read: Everything is Miscellaneous by Weinberger

I just finished “Everything is Miscellaneous” by David Weinberger.

Fantastic read for information architects! I found it thought-provoking, educational, and humorous. I find myself thinking more creatively about designing information in my work.

To honor the miscellany, I actually read through the Notes (references to sources used in each chapter), Acknowledgments, and the Index at the end of the book.

The link to the site for the book is

However, it appears that as of right now, there is a problem with WordPress’s database connection. (Come on, people.)

And, as a matter of tapping at the Web, I tried the https connection to the site, and found this slip showing:

This web site is in the process of being moved. Please check back later today. Please contact billo if you have questions about it. You know his phone number.

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