Commuting! Oh ye bane of my time! Oh ye cursed destroyer of my schedule!

So, I’ve found that I’m gone during the workday for eleven and a half hours, when I take the bus back and forth. I leave at 6:25 AM and get back home at 6:00 PM. When taking the bus, the total commute time for the day is about two and a half hours. When I drive, it is about an hour.

All of a sudden, I really appreciate having had a home office. If I figure one hour and forty five minutes average commute time per day (some days taking the bus, some days driving), then that makes eight hours and forty five minutes per week of commuting. If I multipy that by 50 weeks of working a year, that is 437 hours and 30 minutes a year. So, over the last three years of working at home, I’ve saved 1,300 hours by not having to commute.

That’s a lot of time. And gas.

So. I have a job for which I need to commute, and so am faced with the prospect of spending lots and lots of time between here and there over the coming years.

Telecommuting would be an option, except that my job is to train people in person. So, for the most part, telecommuting is not an option.

Another option is to get a car that I could use for commuting. That would cut out the more time-consuming option of taking the bus.

Another option is moving closer to work, so that I can walk or so that the commute is considerably shorter (fifteen minutes would be nice). Walking has a benefit that commuting in a bus or car just doesn’t have, for me anyway. At least with walking I get some exercise, and it isn’t as costly as driving.


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