Change is afoot in the web…More foundational than when the first graphic showed up in a web browser…

What an exciting time to be in the Web industry. I just read an essay by Janice Fraser of Adaptive Path that really got me thinking.

Major change, like questions of what happens to our bookmarks when we lose our current definition of a web page? In 2002, Luke Wroblewski of the NCSA published a book (SITE-SEEING: A Visual Approach to Web Usability) that referred to the unified model of the Web, a model that we have internalized and includes concepts like clicking a link “takes” us somewhere, like we can go back and visit a page using a bookmark, our browser keeps a history of our session, which we can navigate, etc. This model frames (ahem) some hostility to new windows, especially pop-ups, as well as framesets, because a user may not always realize that they’re ability to bookmark a page has been undermined (in the case of frames) and that they’re browsing history has started anew when the new browser window appeared, whether or not they know it

Sorry, it would seem this post has been cut short, likely during a transition from one blogging platform to another. -drg

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