Tick-tock. . .

Alright, so it’s the middle of the night (literally) and I am still up. Ihave to get the girls up and in the car by 7:30 tomorrow/today and I’m still awake. Why? you might ask. Because I bought a new coffee creamer the other day and I wanted to have some. At 8 PM. So I’m a knucklehead.

An Awake knucklehead.

So when I’m up what do I do? Blog hop (we don’t have cable). I am beginning to think that blogs are only really interesting when you have some connection to the people. That is, random blogs, even ones about politics or homeschooling or things you might care about, aren’t terribly interesting unless you or better to say I can find some sort of personal connection to the writer.

I mean I read blogs of people that I don’t see at church every week but generally they are people that fall within my six degrees. It seems more interesting that way.

Now that isn’t to say that meeting people through blogs isn’t reasonable but . . . ok. . .I don’t know how I feel about that. Anyway, as I said, I’m awake. There’s an SNL rerun on. Tick-tock. . . .

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